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Marketing Strategies for Golf Coures

The Golf Industry is Getting High Tech!

Marketing Strategies for Golf The golf industry has typically been behind the rest of the world when it comes to online marketing, primarily because their target audience is. Those trends are changing. The golf industry is starting to evolve, using technology and the internet more to engage current and future clients. From social media, to more advanced customer tracking and engagement, the golf industry is starting to take advantage of the tools that will drive their business for years to come.

Engaging your customers

Do a quick search for “golf course” or “golf club” on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and you will find surprisingly few results. The ones you do find aren’t using these tools to their potential. This creates an opportunity for an enterprising golf course or golf management company to fill the void. All of these mediums are great for specific niches, and are great ways to engage potential employees and customers. Have a lot of open tee times for tomorrow, post a special and watch those tee times fill up!

Use pay per click strategies on social media such as targeting previous customers or recent visitors to your website to run ads and get them in front of people you know are interested in your product. Or, target very specific demographics such as age, location, interests, etc.

Spend time on SEO

For many, the customer experience starts on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Analyzing and targeting specific key words/phrases, then building content around them is a cheap and effective way to drive business. Use the resources at your fingertips, the golf professionals within your company have a great deal of knowledge, make use of it. If they aren’t great at writing, hire or outsource a writer and have them interview your experts to create the content.

Once you have them on your site, make sure you are using calls to action that drive them to fill out contact forms, sign up for mailing lists, and like your social media pages. These are all great ways to make sure that you can engage your site visitors later and convert them into sales.

Gathering Information

Building your database is absolutely critical, giving you a way to proactively engage and market to your customer base. A quality customer relationship management (CRM) tool, is a marketers dream. They can slice and dice the information by location, purchasing frequency, course preferences, last time booked, etc. Using this information they can target very specific groups with custom marketing campaigns that will convert at a high rate.

How do you build this database? Once you have selected your CRM software of choice, gathering leads and contacts is the next big hurdle, and it can be daunting. Here are some simple ways to make sure you are gathering every contact possible.

  • Feed all contact forms from your website into your CRM
  • Your reservation management system should feed contacts directly into your CRM
  • Leads gathered from marketing sources, generally provided in Excel or CSV should be uploaded into your CRM
  • When taking a call, your reservationists need to gather as much information as possible, entering it directly into the CRM either while talking to the customer or directly afterward.

Give them the ability to purchase

Do you provide the ability to book tee times and golf packages on your website? If not, you need to seriously consider it! Even if you do, have you tried using your own online booking system? All too often, these systems are difficult to use, causing frustration or even driving your site visitors to other websites. Make sure you have an easy to use system that doesn’t throw roadblocks in front of your customers, preventing them from buying your product.

An easy way to tell if your system isn’t user friendly is to use a unique phone number for the website. If you receive a lot of calls on that number, your website isn’t converting the sales the way it should.